Every woman who has had a baby, sometime in her life, deserves a musculoskeletal assessment of abdominal muscle separation, pelvic floor muscle function, postural alignment and coordination of deep trunk muscles. These help to prevent incontinenceprolapseback pain and sexual dysfunction.

Postpartum Strong® – from the inside out, is a unique musculoskeletal program developed for women post delivery to regain muscle strength of their abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Clinical research now supports rehabilitation after a normal or challenging birth or pregnancy to prevent incontinence, prolapse and/or sexual dysfunction. The components of the program are:

What are RVA women saying about the Postpartum Strong® Program?

For me, after the birth of my third child, I started to have a lot of lower back pain, I had trouble holding my bladder when I needed to sneeze or cough and I noticed I had a new bulge in my vaginal canal that seemed to be a slight prolapse of my bladder. At my 6 week check, my OB of 6 years proclaimed me healthy. When I asked about my new issues, he brushed it all off reminding me I had birthed 3 children. He led me to believe they were all normal but there was nothing that could be done. It was just part of having kids.
At my next annual, we had moved and I had a new OB/GYN. I still had my above 3 issues, but still under the assumption they were "normal", I brought up 2 new issues I had: tampons not staying in/falling out and loss of feeling during intercourse. This seemed to puzzle my new doctor. She sent me home with information on a sex therapist that I never called.
Fast forward through 2 more years of suffering, including a particularly embarrassing trip to a local trampoline place with my kids and to Cora coming to speak to my moms group. At 4 years postpartum, she finally told me that what I was experiencing was normal after having a baby, BUT there was a way to get better. That I wasnt stuck with them for life. After physical therapy with her office, my life changed. After learning how to properly do Kegels, and strengthening my core, I do not fear sneezing or coughing any more. I can exercise without having to stop mid-workout and use the bathroom. My back pain is gone and I can use tampons again. And possibly best of all, I enjoy sex again because I can feel it. That all in itself has been a huge libido booster.
So, without Cora, I would still be wetting my pants and avoiding sex at the ripe old age of 37. LIFE CHANGING sounds dramatic, but I cant think of any other way to describe what Cora has done for me.

- patient of the Postpartum Strong® Program

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Moms Circle Meetup - Postpartum Strong®

A meetup just for moms! This group is a safe space for moms to learn, laugh and connect with other moms in the area!  We meet at different locations twice per month around Richmond and feature a different speaker each time on topics such as baby sleep schedules, cloth diapers and post-delivery fitness! (Kids are welcome too!)

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