Classes - General

  • Women's Health Physical Therapy has developed small fitness classes to meet every woman's needs.

  • Classes usually range from 4 to 8 participants, allowing individual attention. Call our office to schedule a class!
  • Classes are continuously being formed based on demand. If you have a group that would like to take one of our classes, we can arrange it!

Postpartum Strong® Workshop  

Do you have a post-birth plan? Are you currently postpartum and want to know how to get your pre-body back? Come learn about common issues and concerns faced by many women during pregnancy and the post-delivery period and the solutions that are available to help you regain strength and reduce pain!  

A worksheet will be provided as well as a chance to get a belly, posture and body mechanics check, and empowering education about the pelvic floor! This class is offered quarterly at MyBirthRVA. (Cost: $15)

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Pilates, Prenatal Pilates, or Mommy & Me Pilates

Enjoy a Pilates class, or come to Pilates with your baby. Please call the office at 804-282-3500 to schedule

* Gift certificates available for purchase!

Post-Partum Strengthening Class

Your musculoskeletal system undergoes dramatic changes during pregnancy and after giving birth. Strengthening your body in the early postpartum period is key to regaining your pre-pregnancy shape and strong pelvic floor. The exercises in this class are designed to increase your strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. Registration required - call 804-282-3500

Fibromylagia Class

In the fibromyalgia class, you will: receive a fibromyalgia evaluation; learn the symptoms and health concerns; learn about the muscles involved with fibromyalgia; learn trigger points and how to reduce your pain; understand how fibromyalgia affects sleep patterns and techniques for regulating sleep; learn relaxation techniques; and learn proper exercise techniques including stretching, strengthening, and core stabilization. Registration required - call 804-282-3500

Boot Camp for the Pelvic Floor

Do you have...Pelvic Pain? Leakage? Low Back Pain? Basic education and exercise for the pelvic floor muscles can help you. $20 including educational handouts. Registration required - call 804-282-3500