Cold Low Level Laser Therapy

Non-invasive treatment modality that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to help accelerate the healing process of the body's tissues. Provides increased cell growth, cell metabolism, faster wound healing, stimulated nerve function and pain reduction. Useful for acute and chronic pain, swelling and increased function.


Running Analysis

Video analysis of running gait on a treadmill with corrective exercise recommendations. Pelvic alignment, stability and footwear analysis can be added for an additional 1 hour.


Pointe Readiness Assessment

Assessment which examines the strength, balance, and coordination required to be successful en pointe along with recommendations on corrective exercises in order to strengthen the dancer to be safe and successful. 


Visceral Manipulation

A hands-on therapy, developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, geared at increasing proprioceptive communication of viscera, membranes, fascia and ligaments within the body, in order to revitalize a person and relieve symptoms of pain, dysfunction and poor posture. Strains in the visceral connective tissue can result from adhesions, surgical scarring, inflammation, illness, postural dysfunction or injury.



Therapeutic massage consists of a variety of techniques to improve circulation, relax muscles, increase joint mobility. Specialized massage during the childbearing year reduces back pain, swelling in legs, and reduces fatigue and stress.


Ultrasoundography Pelvic Floor Assessment (and Reeducation)

Imaging technique utilizing high frequency sound waves to delineate, measure, or examine internal body structures, organs, and muscles. Muscle reeducation is used to alleviate incontinence, improve urination, reduce abdominal separation, and improve muscle coordination.

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Postpartum & Pregnancy Screening

General screening of the 5 most common musculoskeletal dysfunctions that women experience during the child-bearing year. This screening will check your posture, pelvic floor function, ergonomics, diastasis and pelvic stability. These are rarely evaluated or diagnosed during your post-natal visits or during your OBGYN or midwife 6-week check-ups.


Belly Check

Screening for diastasis recti, abdominal separation


Pilates Individualized Session

Based on physical assessment, an individualized session focusing on low impact flexibility, muscular coordination, strength and endurance will be offered. Basic elements of lateral breathing, centering, position control, neutral spine, proper skeletal position, and focus on the deep intrinsic trunk muscle synergy will be offered.


Intramuscular Dry Needling

Inactivation of trigger points with a monofilament needle through the skin into the involved muscle. Taut muscle bands can be relaxed for hours or days, therefore improving the effectiveness of of therapeutic approaches in stretching, or muscle function. 



Therapeutic Ultrasound Treatment for Mastitis

We are now offering physical therapy options in treating mastitis, or blockage of the milk ducts. In prospective studies, it has been shown that therapeutic ultrasound along with heat, manual therapy, and patient education can be used effectively to help clear blocked milk ducts that have not responded to traditional self-clearing techniques. *Requires a diagnosis and signed prescription from your doctor or certified nurse midwife.